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Ever felt knocked down by your penis size? Ever wanted to impress your love? Is this reducing your confidence levels? Are surgeries and pills not working for you?

Then why not try our tiny gym?!

We named it as BATH MATE.


BATH MATE is a penis enlargement device that works under hydraulic pressure. First of its kind, BATH MATE is a completely safe product that forms your tiny gym in your bath tub!

Regular usage of BATH MATE has given promising results to many of our customers.


A penis enlargement device is a device intended to increase the size of the penis mechanically over time.

Before learning the mechanism of a typical penis enlargement device or simply a penis pump, lets look into the anatomy of your penis.

A penis consists of three chambers. Two corpora cavernosa or erectile tissue and one corpus spongiosum.

The two corpora cavernosa together form the erectile tissue, that causes your penis to enlarge and erect before your intercourse. The corpus spongiosum is the one through which you urinate.

The corpora cavernosa are filled with blood when in erection and thus make your penis stiff, firm and large and even hard. More the blood in your corpora cavernosa, more is its girth and hardness.

But a few people lack a proper girth and would like to enlarge their penis. This can be done by increasing the volume of blood your corpora cavernosa can hold!

This is all that a typical penis pump does.

A typical penis pump when worn around the penis, creates a vaccum around it. The vaccum draws blood into the erectile tissue of the penis. This erects the penis and makes it large. It creates a stretch on the penis and makes more blood to flow into it. Regular use of such a mechanism can make your penis larger!

This is the mechanism of any penis pump that is available in the market. So is the mechanism of Bath mate!


The regular penis pumps work on the vaccum created by air or artificial means using a motor or a hand driven pump. Such pumps are found to cause certain unwanted effects.

Typical penis pumps available in the market are found to have no control over the vaccum. This can cause damage to the penis and the tissues inside it.

An increased vaccum is found to cause bursting of the blood vessels inside the penis! Also, penis pumps have found to cause blisters.

A more damaging effect is the Peyronie’s disease. Penis pumps are found to cause Peyronie’s disease if not used properly. Any damage to the penile tissue forms scar and results in bending of the penis when erect, an effect that no one wants to impose on themselves.

Bath mate comes with a hydraulic technology and uses no air but water for creating vaccum. First of its kind it is a patented product that is completely safe and easy to use.


Unlike the other pumps that work on air and hand or motor driven pumps, bath mate works with the ‘energy’ of water!

Bath mate works with the vaccum created hydraulically. No pipes and no motors, just the bath mate and water is all that you’ll need.

Let us discuss the method of using bath mate to clearly understand the differences between the penis pumps.


Bath mate consists of a polycarbonate plastic cylinder like tube with a release valve on one side and a comfort pad on the other (towards the pelvis).

All one has to do is fill the tube with water (may be even luke warm water), press the pump towards the pelvis and push it towards the body several times until the vaccum is created.

The pump sits on the pelvis after vaccum is created inside it. A pressure starts to build up inside the pump. If you feel the pressure is too much then release the water by slightly pressing the release valve, water just spurts out!

Sit for some time in this position. Relax yourself.

Then after a while if there is a buildup of pressure inside the pump, repeat the same process. Remove the excess water from the pump by slightly releasing the release valve. Then relax again.

As you can see, the excess pressure builds up is due to the enlargement of penis inside the pump! The results are quite instant too! You can see an increase in size of your penis even after your first session!

Do this for about 15 minutes daily and see the results all for yourself!

We promise, you will never be disheartened with the product.


As we have seen the mechanisms by which all the penis pumps are working, lets see the advantages of bath mate over the others.

  • No tubes
  • No pumps
  • No motors
  • More comfort
  • Easy to use


Well we can assure you an increase in size of about 1-3 inches and as much as 30% increase in the thickness!

But do not expect a sudden result. Even though you see a promising result after your first sessions, this does not remain for a long time.

It is the same as your gym, you need more time to get stronger muscles that last longer.

BATHMATE is a tiny gym for your penis and takes a few days to grow.


As you know, bath mate is a penis enlargement device that works on hydraulic pressure!

Apart from mere penis enlargement, bath mate has got some really interesting benefits.

Increase in the length of the penis

Increase in the volume of the penis

Gain your volume more quickly

Increase in the size of your penis head

Helps you to last longer in your bed

More fun in sex

Not just this, use bath mate not just in your bath tub but even under your shower and even while watching TV! All that you have to know is how much of water is to be used for size!

Bath mate has also got money back guarantee. If you feel dissatisfied about the product, feel free to return back and take back your money!

Order now! Bath mate assures you discreet shipping. Customers are our first priority and their satisfaction is what we always need!

Try out this new gym in your bath tub and see the results all for yourself!

Bathmate - Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Bathmate?

Are you afraid of surgeries, and pills not working for you? But, wanted to impress your love. Then, Bathmate is right choice for you. Dr. Recommended #1 Selling Penis Pump in Australia!


DX Products Ltd (Original Bathmate Manufacturer)


Over 1,000,000+ units sold worldwide

Do I need any prescription?

No, you don’t need any prescription to buy this pump.

Money-Back Guarantee

No Question asked 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Does it fit to my size?

Please select according to your size, there are four different sizes available:

  1. Upto 5 inches (Small) - Hydromax X20 Series
  2. Between 5 - 7 Inches (Medium) - Hydromax X30
  3. Between 7 - 9 Inches (Large) - Hydromax X40
  4. More than 9 Inches (Extra Large) - HydroMax X50 Xtreme

Note: Sizes mentioned here are erect length


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Where To Buy Bathmate In Australia?

Official Website Only - Visit Here

Is Bathmate available in Chemist Warehouse, Ebay, Amazon or any other local stores in Australia?

It may be available to some local stores but there is no guarantee of original product. Also you can’t get manufacturer 2 years warranty - 5 years extended warranty which is only available through OFFICIAL site.

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