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Are you not lasting long in your bed? Is your love dissatisfied with you? Are you not having FUN in your bed? Is sex the topic of debate over your bed every night?

The solution is here.

MALE EXTRA, for that extra fun in your bed.

MALE EXTRA gives you that extra fun and makes you last longer, stronger and harder in your bed.


MALE EXTRA are male enhancement pills. The only natural solution for all your problems in bed.

It is a unique combination of nutrients that naturally makes you feel stronger and harder and makes you last longer. Pomegranate and L-Arginine are our primary ingredients.

No prescriptions required, it is a clinically proven male enhancement pill that naturally makes you the hero of your love!

With MALE EXTRA you can sustain longer and enjoy harder orgasms and make your love long for that extra fun every night.


MALE EXTRA is an amazing combination of nutrients that make your penis longer when you are in the act, and makes you last longer.

Clinical observations suggest that, for a man to have harder and firmer erections and enhanced performance in the bed, nitric oxide concentrations must be high. MALE EXTRA does all this for you all the way naturally!

The unique combination of pomegranate and L-Arginine serve as Nitric oxide enhancers in your body and do the job for you.

It contains the following ingredients.

  • L-Arginine, an amino acid
  • Pomegranate 40% ellagic, a herbal supplement
  • MSM
  • Creatine, for the energy source
  • Cordyceps, for libido
  • Zinc, for healthier you

All these are mere nutrients that help in your well being.


MALE EXTRA in general is for a harder, longer and stronger YOU in the bed. All the ingredients mentioned above work together to give you that extra fun.

L-Arginine is an amino acid. It is a basic nutrient in humans. It is found to produce Nitric acid in your body. Nitric acid in turn increases dilatation of the blood vessels, one of the main things in your act. When the blood vessels in your organ dilate, you get a harder and firmer YOU in your bed!

Pomegranate 40% ellagic is a basic natural ingredient of MALE EXTRA. It is a unique herbal ingredient of MALE EXTRA that adds on to your hardness. Your erection will be much harder now.

MSM is for the overall health of your organ.

Creatine is responsible for a stronger you. It increases the ATP supply to the cells and gives all the energy for your contractions.

Cordyceps increase your desire for sex.

Zinc is for your overall health. Zinc also makes your sperms stronger.

MALE EXTRA is a blend of natural nutrients that work for the fun of you and your partner.

Get more virile with your partner with MALE EXTRA.


MALE EXTRA has got many benefits for you. A powerpacked bottle for a powerpacked experience.

Makes you strong

Makes your organ hard

Makes you last longer

Increases your desire for sex

Increases your stamina

Gives multiple orgasms

All these with no side effects. Absolutely! No side effects.

A natural partner for you to have fun in your love life.


Any man with reduced virility and decreased hardness and vigor can go for MALE EXTRA.

It is just a simple blend of nutrients, packed in a bottle for a power packed you.

If you are dissatisfied or if your partner is dissatisfied or if you are longing for a powerpacked performance in your bed, MALE EXTRA is the only solution!

If you can’t last long in bed and need more intense orgasms, why not try MALE EXTRA?

If performance is your only problem, try MALE EXTRA for yourself and see the results. Your love would long for you every night!

Impress your love with all your performance and enjoy that extra fun for extra time with MALE EXTRA.


We recommend you to take 3 pills daily.

Take just 3 pills everyday and see the results all for yourself.

No need of prescriptions or injections or surgeries! MALE EXTRA is the only natural solution for a powerful you.


See the increase in size of your organ in as less as 6 months.

You can observe an increase in length of your penis for upto 2.6 inches in 6 months!

An erect penis shows an increase in size from 0.8 to 2.6 inches in a period of as less as three to six months!

Not just that, people who have used MALE EXTRA have shown an increase in libido. You get a better control over your erections with MALE EXTRA. A better control with a more intense erection is observed!


For a perfect you!

There are absolutely no side effects for MALE EXTRA. Do not fear of any nasty effects of MALE EXTRA. It is just a combination of nutrients that work for your well-being.

It is safe and quite easy to use too!


Place your order online. We assure you discreet packaging. Customer security and privacy is our primary motto.

Just a few clicks away for that extra fun!

Order now the MALE EXTRA, for that extra fun in your bed.

Impress your love. Have more fun in your love life. No more dissatisfaction, no more debates in your bedroom, just pure love and crazy fun!

All these with just 3 pills of MALE EXTRA everyday.

Grab your pack and impress your love in not less than 6 months. Get harder, firmer and last longer in your bed.

Give your best performance with the MALE EXTRA with no and absolutely no side effects. MALE EXTRA is a natural blend of nutrients that triggers your sex drive and makes you last longer, perform harder and stronger.

MALE EXTRA, for that extra fun in your love life!

Male Extra - Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Male Extra?

Are you not lasting long in your bed? Is your love dissatisfied with you?

Dr. Recommended #1 Male Enhancement Pill in Australia!



Do I need any prescription?

No, Male Extra is 100% natural supplement and you don’t need any prescription.

Money-Back Guarantee

No Question asked 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Quality Assurance

Made in FDA Approved Labs, 100% Natural


Take 3 Pills daily (preferably with breakfast)

Serving per Bottle

90 Tablets (For 30 Days Supply)


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Where To Buy Male Extra In Australia?

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Is Male Extra available in Chemist Warehouse, Ebay, Amazon or any other local stores in Australia?

No. To avoid fake or outdated products. Manufacturer of Male Extra decided to Offer You direct supply from the nearest warehouse + FREE Express & Discreet Shipping.

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