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Everyone in this world expects to be beautiful. Everyone wants to impress their love. Everyone wants to be recognized as one in a 1000! For a woman, beauty is all that is needed, but for a man, it is not just that macho look, but even more!

Penis enlargement is not a hidden secret for any man anymore. Penis enlargement is everyman’s wish! It is what everyman expects for. It is what that boosts up his confidence levels in the bed. It is what that impresses his love.

If you expect the same, here we give you the PENOMET.


PENOMET is a penis pump.

It is a new generation penis pump that works with water! Yes, the same water that you use to have your bath. The same water you drink. The same water with which you take your shower.

A very simple to use penis pump, that gives promising results in just a few days! Customers who have been using PENOMET have stated a 3-inch increase in the length of their penis and a 30% increase in the girth!

Then why wait? If this is what is all you need, order now!

But wait let me tell you why you should buy one!


Not every man has a penis of same size. Its size varies with each person. Few have a larger and thicker penis while a few others don’t.

Penis enlargement as such doesn’t look like a serious problem to many, but for people who lack one that is large enough, it is definitely one!

There are umpteen number of options for making the penis larger. A few of them are

  • Penis enlarging pills
  • Surgery
  • Cosmetic strategies
  • Penis pumps

Penis enlarging pills are male enhancement pills that promise to increase the size of the penis. Well, most of the scientists who have worked on them have ruled out these promises. Not many have experienced any useful effects out of them. Also, they come with additional side effects that make the problem even worse and nasty!

Surgery is an expensive alternative for penis enlargement.Not many can go for this option as it is not affordable for them. For people who have money it is definitely an option to go for, but what if the surgery fails? Can you image what’s next? Also, it is found that in some cases surgery can make the condition even worse! People have experienced erectile dysfunction and many more side effects after undergoing surgery.

Next come the cosmetic strategies, such as shaving of the pubic hair. It is totally a safe procedure. It makes the penis look much longer, but is completely temporary. The size of the penis remains the same in spite of shaving or not shaving it!

Penis pumps are one of the best options for penis enlargement although a few traditional ones come with side effects.


Penis pumps are medical devices that use vaccum as the medium for elongation of the penis.

A typical penis pump consists of a tube into which the penis is inserted. This tube is then connected to a vaccum pump that creates vaccum inside it.

Vaccum then plays its part! It creates a negative pressure inside the tube and pulls the blood into the penis, thus, making it large. A regular use of such a device can make the penis grow longer and thicker!

But these traditional systems that use air pressure, come with additional side effects such as bursting of the blood vessels (due to excess pressure), Peyronie’s disease (due to the injury caused due to excess pressure), blisters and sometimes even fatal injury to the scrotum.

These are now replaced by the new generation penis pumps that use hydraulic pressure to create vaccum, like our PENOMET!


Penomet is a penis pump that uses water to create vaccum!

A new technology that reduces the side effects caused due to traditional penis pumps.

A simple to use technology that gives no side effects like the traditional ones, and not just that it gives some must faster effects too!


PENOMET is a easy to use medical device that consists of a cylinder with a release valve and a gaiter.

All you have to do is, attach the gaiter of your choice to the penomet cylinder and fill it with water. Now insert your penis into it and push it onto your pelvis, slowly and gently. A vaccum seal gets created. As you already know how the vaccum works on your penis, I will leave it upto you.

But remember, if the pressure is more release it with the release valve and relax yourself.

We recommend you to use it for about 15-20 minutes everyday.


PENOMET comes to you not just with the cylinder and a single gaiter. We give you five gaiters of increasing strengths.

As you progress every day, we recommend you to use stronger gaiters to boost up your penis enlargement.

We recommend you to use purple 60 gaiter in the beginning and then shift to the blue and then the grey and red gaiters.

This will ensure a gradual work out for your penis and develops a stronger and larger penis in just a few days!


As a part of our recommendations we suggest you some exercises that build up your organ much stronger.

  • Use Purple 60 gaiter in Week 1
  • Use Blue 65 gaiter in Week 2
  • Use Purple 60 gaiter in Week 3
  • Use Blue 65 gaiter in Week 4
  • Use Black 70 gaiter in Week 5
  • Use Black 70 gaiter in Week 6
  • Use Grey 75 gaiter in Week 6
  • Use Black 70 gaiter in Week 6
  • Use Grey 75 gaiter in Week 6
  • Use alternately Red 80 and grey 75 gaiter in Week 7

This will ensure progressive work outs for your penis and assure you promising results!

Ain’t it impressive!

If this is all you have ever wanted order now PENOMET. It comes with a money back guarantee within 60-days if not found impressive. But believe me amigo! PENOMET is the safest of products that gives promising results in just one month.

Penomet - Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Penomet?

If you are looking for CGS(Toxin-free), RoHS (Class1) certified Penis Gaiter Pump. Then, Penomet is right choice for you.

Dr. Recommended #1 Penis Gaiter Pump in Australia!


Arctic Sea Limited


Over 500,000+ units sold worldwide

Do I need any prescription?

No, you don’t need any prescription to buy this pump.

Money-Back Guarantee

No Question asked 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Does it fit to my size?

Please select according to your size, there are five different gaiter available:

  1. 60, 65,70,75 and 80 Gaiter


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