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Beauty makes a woman confident while strength makes a man confident.

Curves make a woman beautiful, while those muscly edges make a man masculine.

What if those curves are seen in a man, that too in his ‘pride’? What if his strength ‘wilts down’ in the most intimate moments? Does this effect his confidence levels?

Absolutely yes!

Then why should he endure this? Is this fair? When it is not the case with all the other men, why only him? Doesn’t he have any other chance to boost up his confidence? Doesn’t he get another chance to make love with his LOVE? Can’t he impress his love with his ‘pride’?


Found in as less as 5% of world’s men, Peyronie’s disease is not that easy to tackle as it seems to be.

A simple curve, that brings down a man’s confidence levels.

Peyronie’s disease is associated with curving of the penis. This is due to the formation of hard plaque under the skin of the penis. When in erection, the penis doesn’t stand straight but curves.

Men experience curving towards the left, right or upwards or downwards. Let it be any direction, it causes pain and discomfort during sex.

There is no known reason for Peyronie’s disease. It is thought to be caused due to injury to penis while in sex or in any other accident.

Such injuries form a scar tissue below the skin of the penis, in the tissue surrounding the corpora cavernosa. Due to the formation of such scar tissue, the side having this plaque bends down during erection and forms a curved penis.

A man having Peyronie’s disease can feel the tough scar tissue on his penis.

But sometimes, scar tissue is not the only cause. Some men have a natural curve in the penis, inspite of the absence of scar tissue. This is called congenital curvature.

Nevertheless, irrespective of the disease condition, curves are not normal in men and have to be treated.


Here we present you with the Peyronies device!

A medical type I device that straightens your curves!

Peyronies device is a clinically-tested medical type I device that straightens your penis curvatures. It is manufactured in Europe and uses the best technology and best materials to suit its customers’ needs!

It is a penis straightener that ‘mechanically’ straightens the bent penis by applying a tension on it. A very easy to use device, that corrects the curves that occur either naturally or the ones formed due to Peyronies disease.


Peyronies device is a medical device that mechanically straightens the bent penis.

The basic technology involved in Peyronies device is ‘cell duplication due to mechanical tension’.

Peyronies device when worn around the penis, pulls the penis straight, although without pain! This natural pull, pulls the cells around the bend and triggers cell duplication in that area.

A natural bend in the penis is formed due to uneven growth of the penile tissue on either side of the penis. While one side of it grew well, the other side didn’t. To ‘grow’ the tissue present on the other side of the penis, Peyronies device, mechanically pulls the penis and triggers a cell duplication process on the bent side.

Well why does only tissue in the bent side grow? When the Peyronies device pulls the penis straight, the bent side of the penis experiences a greater pull while the other side does not as it is already straight. So the cell duplication process is seen in the bent side and there you turn out with a straight penis in just a few days!


While the above mechanism works for the naturally occurring ‘curves’, for those who have Peyronie’s disease and for those who can feel the hard scar tissue under their penile skin, an ‘additional treatment plan’ is necessary for the healing of this scar tissue.

Customer’s with diagnosed Peyronie’s disease are suggested to take our exclusive Peyronie’s treatment plan!

This treatment plan includes the Peyronies device and an additional set of oral supplements that work on your scar tissue. These include,

  • Extreme Amino™
  • Enzyme P500™
  • CoQ10 Enzyme+™

Extreme amino™ is a combination of useful aminoacids and Vitamin E in conjunction with Piperine 90%. It gets absorbed into the body faster and gives you a faster ‘straight look’!

Enzyme P500™ is a combination of 10 most important ingredients including the Serrapeptase and lipase that are found to heal the scar tissue!

CoEnzyme10 Enzyme + is an amazing combination that speeds up your healing process.


Not just these, Peyronies device comes with a whole lot of additional features that straighten your penis much more comfortably!

Peyronies device comes with

  • Directional Noose straightening™: It is useful for curves that are bent towards the right or the left. It supplies extra tension in the right or left directions and gives you better results!
  • Perfect Grip™ system: Perfect grip™ ensures a comfortable yet adequate grip for promising results, because regular use that is improper fetches nothing!
  • Multi head™: We give you two types of ‘heads’. Choose the one of your that ensures proper straightening.
  • Comfort foam and latex comfort strips: More the time you use Peyronies device, better are the results! To ensure the usage of our device for longer periods, we supply you with the comfort foam and late comfort strips for a comfortable treatment!

Not just these, we also supply you with spare parts and massage technique plans!These are additional comforting features that give you a smooth straightening effect!


With the proper usage of Peyronies device we assure you a straightened look! Apart from this, you get certain additional benefits with the usage.

  • Straightened looks
  • Stronger erections
  • Comfortable sex
  • Painless sex
  • No more lumps

Order now Peyronies device! You get it with a 6-month money back guarantee, because customer satisfaction is our primary motto.

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Because curves are not for men!

Peyronie’s Device - Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Peyronie’s Device?

If you are suffering from Peyronie’s Disease. And your main concern is “how to fix your bent penis” or “curved penis” then your right choice should be Peyronie’s Device.

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Do I need any prescription?

No, you don’t need any prescription to buy this medically certified penis curvature straightening extender.

Money-Back Guarantee

No Question asked 6 Months Money Back Guarantee

Does it fit to my size?

Yes Of Course, follow the manual, super easy to use or contact award winning support team anytime for help.


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