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Well, size does matter. Girls do talk about men’s organ! That too very often.

Well, your partner does talk to you about your organ, that too very very often.

How does it feel? Quite encouraging isn’t it? That’s true. Men feel more confident if they have a bigger organ! A man’s pride lies in his penis when it comes to the most intimate of moments in his life. It is what he can give to the love of his life. It is what is his booster in his sex life! Then, what if a man has got a smaller one? Does his love want to have more of him in sex? What is his state of mind at that moment when they look at each other?

A man’s confidence does lie in the size of his penis! Because size does matter!


Men in general have an average penis size of 9cm. People do have penile lengths of more than 9cm, but on an average, the size varies around 9cm.

If that is the case, it is not much of a problem!

But what if a man has a micropenis? What if he wants a bigger one? What if he wants to straighten it up? What if his girl gets impressed with a bigger HIM?

Does he need to go for a surgery?

Ahhh, no! Such pain. Such expense. Such after effects. Such side effects! What if it becomes even worse? What if he cannot erect it anymore in his life?

No! No! No! This can’t happen! For it is what is his pride in his most intimate moments?

Then, why not go for oral pills? Well, they do work! But with a package of nasty side effects!

Is there no other option for this?


What is it?

SIZE GENETICS is a little home-gym for your penis!

A gym? For penis?

Yes! A gym for penis! Works the same way as that of your barbells and dumbells. More you strain your muscles with them, more the biceps you grow! Similarly, more the exercise for your penis more is its growth!

Sounds interesting right! Why not just peep into it?

SIZE GENETICS is a penis enlargement device that is medically proven to be working for your fellow mates!

A clinically proven type I medical device that can be used without doctor’s recommendation.


Let us go to the gym before we discuss this here.

What do you do in a gym? Lift barbells or dumbells? Use a treadmill? Strain your muscles?

In a typical gym, anyone who works out for stronger biceps would let us say, ummm, opt for barbells!

What does he do with the barbells? Lift them high, isn’t it? What happens if he lifts it high? The biceps strain and tear. The muscle cells duplicate. The muscle heals later and forms a stronger and firmer biceps.

Same is the case with size genetics.

A clinically tested strain of 2800grams is posed on the penile tissue when it is used. This causes the cells in the penile tissue, especially the one in the erectile tissue (called corpora cavernosa) to stretch and duplicate! A duplication followed by another and another will finally lead to an increase in the length of the penis!

Looks simple right!

So is its usage!

You know what?! The overall increase in the size of your erectile tissue (the corpora cavernosa) means an increase in the volume of the same. An increase in the volume means an increase in blood supply to it. So, got it?

You can now have more harder and stronger erections too! Why wait? Impress your love with the size genetics now!!!


A very easy to use equipment it is! Just wear the size genetics ON, and allow it to pull the penis slowly and gently. The pressure or the traction that is posed on the penis will trigger cell duplication and thereby produces a longer and thicker penis!

What if I have a big penis? or a small one? Will it fit me?

Size genetics is designed to fit all types of penises and of all sizes too! We give you 58 different ways of wearing the size genetics. All you have to do is choose the one that best suits you. Because comfort is all that matter to you.

More is the comfort more is the time you an use t and faster and better are the results!


Size genetics is suitable for bent penises too. It can be used to heal Peyronie’s disease. (Learn more about Peyronie's Device to cure your bent penis)

Wear on the size genetics now and come out of the low confidence levels you have been in till now. Because size genetics is there for you!


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Yes, there are.

Bigger penis

Stronger erections

Comfortable usage

Treats pyronie’s symptoms

Easy to use

Medically proven effective

Produced under FDA regulations

Not just this, we give you a full money back guarantee if you do not see the results in 6 months!

Order now! Size genetics is the only solution for your problems! Impress your love with Size genetics.

See faster results with a comfortable and regular use of size genetics.

Order now the size genetics. A simple solution for boosting up your confidence levels. Just wear ON the size genetics and see the results for yourself. A tiny home gym that pulls your penis longer and fatter!

No more surgeries and no more pills! No more nasty side effects too. Go for Size genetics for it is safe and easy to use with no side effects too.

If you are still disheartened, return the package for a full money back guarantee within six months of your purchase!

Do not hesitate to boost up your confidence with size genetics, because size does matter.

SizeGenetics Australia - Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use SizeGenetics?

A man’s confidence does lie in the size of his penis! Because size does matter!

If you are suffering from micro penis or small penis, and looking for proven medical device to enlarge your size upto 2-4 inches that work along with comforts, then SizeGenetic should be right choice for you.

Dr. Recommended #1 Penis Extender in Australia!


DanaMedic ApS


Over 1,000,000+ units sold worldwide

Do I need any prescription?

No, you don’t need any prescription to buy this medically certified penis extender.

Money-Back Guarantee

No Question asked 6 Months Money Back Guarantee

Does it fit to my size?

Yes Of Course, follow the manual, super easy to use or contact award winning support team anytime for help.


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